Driver Development

The the CVS versions of both the qce-ga and qc-usb driver are available by following these instructions. If you are interested in the older, unsupported qce-ga driver, check out the quickcam module, that is, use the command cvs co quickcam. The qc-usb driver can be obtained by checking out the qc-usb (the command to use is co qc-usb).

The development mailing list is hosted as qce-ga-devel at Sourceforge. Please use the development list only to submit patches and to discuss development-related issues. The developers' list, like the users' list, is reflected to Usenet at gmane.linux.drivers.quickcam.devel.

Development Roadmap

Broadly stated, my (Kurt Wall's) goal is to take the driver to the next level. I outlined my first steps in this message. Briefly, my initial intent is to stabilize the driver as it is:

  1. Integrate existing patches
  2. Resolve outstanding bugs

In the course of doing these two items, I will more thoroughly familiarize myself with the code.

After the qc-usb driver has been stabilized, tasks that need to be done include but are not limited to the following, which appear in no specific order: